Thursday, January 28, 2016

Titans Hunt #4

This cover is the equivalent of giving up in your twenties.

Rating: No change. It's easy to be the best Teen Titans book on the shelves right now which might explain why this one is such a mediocre experience. The only thing Abnett had to do to create a comic book better than Pfeifer's or Lobdell's was have the characters sort of say things you kind of remember these characters used to say and stick them in a story with a plot that's moving along at a steady, if a bit slow, pace. And it doesn't hurt to have a lot of call backs to the various older Teen Titans series. But come on! Let's get this shit moving! Let's make something happen besides revealing that Mister Twister is the big bad because who fucking cares?

Oh, and about the use of the term "big bad"? I thought Joss Whedon popularized it in Buffy but apparently it was being used much earlier by the Teen Titans because Speedy uses it in the flashback to when Wonder Girl was wearing her red jumpsuit with gold stars. Although Speedy looked just like he looks now as Arsenal and didn't have a goofy hat and red Robin Hood outfit, so maybe he was time traveling during that memory. Except he didn't have his tattoos!

I wonder why I'm worried about continuity in a book that's just throwing random bits of remembered continuity into a slow cooker and setting it to "Take Its Fucking Time"?

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