Friday, January 22, 2016

Edge of Oblivion #1

What's Kilowog been smoking?

Rating: 20 of 52 or so. Thankfully, Edge of Oblivion mostly ignores the events that took place in Lost Army. All of the main points are still valid. The Corps are stuck in another universe that's dying. They're hanging out on Mogo. A bunch of them are still lost. But so far there was no mention of the Peak Light Problem that's killing the universe, no sign of Relic, no Krona, and no Light Pirates. Some of that stuff might come up but it's taking a back seat to a new conflict.

The Green Lantern Corps are still trying to find a way home but now that have a New 52 Mosaic planet to take care of as well. But it isn't only good, well-meaning refugees on this Mosaic! No way! That would be boring! There are also some fish killers who murdered Mukmuk! Which seems kind of cruel and unecessary. Why kill the fish guy?! Fucking Tom Taylor is racist against fish, that's why. Jerko.

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