Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Detective Comics #48

These adult coloring books are the most bullshit fad and a fucking absurd waste of time!

Rating: No change. Gotham's newest menace should just get into adult coloring books because he's really into wasting an absurd amount of time himself! He's killing Gotham's regular heroes by dressing them up in the guise of heroes from the past in authentic outfits. But wait! That's not all the work he's putting into his crime! He's also dressing like the old timey hero he's killing and only speaking in quotes by them! This guy is running on a level of crazy that simply exhausts me! Tell riddles! Play pranks! Fetishize plants! Fuck a puppet! I can get behind that shit! But doing this much research, sewing, and memorizing of quotes? Ugh! It's just not worth whatever statement this maniac is trying to make! This fictional character just put more effort into murder than I've put into making something of myself! I need a nap after reading this book!

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