Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wonder Woman #47

Why are the lipstick prints the wrong way up?

Rating: No change. This story is about an urgent mission to stop Cheetah from stealing an Amazonian artifact on Paradise Island. It's quite important that she be stopped as soon as possible or all of the Amazons could become mortal and die. But before warning Diana, Dessa needs to console Diana and boost her self-esteem. Then after Diana learns that Cheetah has murdered a bunch of Amazons, she gives chase only to stop to try to console her last living Amazonian Brother.

Even with all the delays, Cheetah doesn't beat Diana to the prize. But Diana is kept from stopping Cheetah by the ghost of her mother. She lets Diana know that Cheetah will soon learn a lesson about the price of getting what one wants so just relax and shit. Cheetah realizes the price of immortality is too great and runs away while Diana just shakes her head and thinks, "Moral of the story!" Then Wonder Woman flies off instead of capturing Cheetah who, you know, just killed a bunch of Amazons and is a dangerous menace to anybody she meets.

Wonder Woman is the worst.

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