Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sinestro #19

The actual cover was just a cash grab highlighting a bunch of fan favorite characters as they received yellow rings. Even Jason Todd made the cover even though he didn't get his two panels of fame.

Rating: -2 Ranking. I don't want to hurt Cullen Bunn's feelings so I won't begin trashing this comic book until after the break just in case his jerk friend sends this to him. Now Cullen knows not to read any further.

This is the break!

Garbage! Utter fucking trash! That's what this comic book will be in thousands of years along with everything else. But it's also not worth reading. It lacks imagination. I bet he did that on purpose though! So that the form of the comic book represents what will happen to the people of Earth if anti-emotion takes over! After reading this story, I realized I didn't feel anything!

But seriously. This story is the kind of mainstream superhero comic book story that's written just to fill the racks. An antagonist has some kind of power that's too powerful for the power of the antagonists! So the antagonists rally and get more power by getting more power! Usually it's done by finding some strength deep within them. This time it's done by Sinestro doing exactly what he did last issue. He released more Yellow Rings to more fan favorite heroes and villains. But then guess what? The antagonists rally! They get more power from their vague power reserves. I'm describing it in general terms because that's exactly how it's written. It's just raising numbers. Good guys are winning 2 to 1! Oh no! Now the bad guys through some means are winning 3 to 2! How will Sinestro turn the tide now?!

Sinestro turns the tide by releasing Saint Walker with a yellow ring stitched into his arm. Because in this world, fear isn't the antithesis of hope at all! No way! Hope combined with fear equals bravery! Or something. Actually, if he'd said that as opposed to hope gives a person the power to control fear rather than letting fear control them, I might have been a bit happier about it. But then I'm a better writer than Cullen Bunn, so I'm not too surprised!

Anyway, the advantage switches sides a few times until a Manhunter reports to Sinestro that they've found the Pale Bishop. And this story really needs to fucking end already or it'll be too long for the really boring trade paperback that will be published at a later date. So Sinestro happens to have an Indigo staff...I mean, an Indigo ring! So he's able to teleport to the Pale Bishop with only Soranik as backup even though he could have brought Harley Quinn along if he wanted to sell more copies of Issue #20. Idiot!

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