Friday, January 29, 2016

Poison Ivy: The Cycle of Life and Death #1

I know this cover is sexy because Pamela is a scientist who just took off her glasses and let her hair down.

Rating: 35 out of 52 or something.

This isn't the Poison Ivy comic book I want to read so I can't tell anybody if it was any good or not. I think it was shit but that could very well be my bias speaking. I don't need another comic book where the protagonist feels cut off and alone. I don't need another comic book with a scene where a female protagonist who murders or maims a bunch of sexist assholes. I don't need another comic book that thinks turning a couple of men into temporary homosexuals is an appropriate form of shaming. I don't need another comic book where a great friendship is sundered for the sake of...well, I don't know what it was for the sake of! I might be more interested in it if it were meaningful in some way! But since it's only really there to back up the idea that Poison Ivy just doesn't fit in, even with her best friend and lover Harley Quinn, I don't need it in my Poison Ivy comic book. I don't need another comic book with Maps Mizoguchi in it that doesn't completely focus on her. What a mistake!

My main problem is that I don't like seeing Pamela Isley turned into Swamp Thing Lite. I like the human part of her (which, really, is the main part of her. Just because she's got this connection to the Green doesn't mean she can't connect with other humans because they don't think like a cornstalk)! I suppose I could just chalk her current inability to connect to her Seasonal Affective Disorder (which was a fucking great idea, Gail!). But then what do I attribute Harley's lack of understanding and need to constantly attribute Poison Ivy's failings to her hybrid human/plant status?

At least the villain of the story is an old white man who doesn't think women can science the plants. That isn't unfortunate at all.

I'm just disappointed in a lot of choices made for this story. What a letdown.

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