Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Green Lantern #48

Hal and Sinestro compare penises.

Rating: No change. A whole lot of people scream "Sonar!" this issue. So if you were looking for a place to read the word "sonar" over and over again, I recommend picking up this issue. It's fantastic word porn if the only word that gets you off is "sonar."

At one point, Hal discovers that the Modoran terrorists' heads explode when they scream "Free Modora!" in Modoran. He instantly does not fly to Modora, buy a Modoran phrasebook, practice the phrase "Free Modora!" for a few hours, create a massive light bullhorn, and yell "Free Modora!" in Modoran into it. I don't think he really cares about stopping Sonar.

Parallax tries to recreate Oa but only manages to make a big turd. Speaking of big turds, I'll spare you my recent bathroom travails! Oh man. I can't believe I survived! How unfair is it to have opiate constipation when I've only ever had a couple of Vicodin across my entire life?! I'm not even sure my Cousin Jason has ever forced out such a massive crap and he broke (not just clogged!) a Las Vegas hotel toilet with just his movement (you know, sans paper!)! I admire that man!

I can't believe it was this comic book that reminded me of a huge shit and not Red Hood Loves Arsenal!

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