Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Black Canary #6

I'm glad they emphasized the word "cry" or I might have missed the pun!

Rating: -1 Ranking. Bo Maeve should have won the Battle of the Bands because I like her better than Dinah. Is that a fair way to judge a Battle of the Bands? I suppose since I couldn't actually hear any of their music, it's as good as any other reason to declare her the winner. The only reason I dropped the ranking on this book is because it ended with some Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey time travel nonsense which made me realize that this story is just a rip-off of that movie except that Ditto is easier to look at than Station.

Okay, maybe it's not an exact rip-off! But it does have an alien and a battle of the bands and some kind of time travel so it's close enough for me to stake my reputation on claiming it's full on plagiarism!

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