Sunday, January 24, 2016

Red Hood Loves Arsenal #8

Me color good!

Rating: -1 Ranking. This comic book is dumb. It would please me greatly to come up with more intellectually viable criticism but why should I waste my fucking time on it when Lobdell obviously doesn't waste any time writing his scripts. Watch, I'll come up with one right now!

Red Hood and Arsenal get into a conflict with some mean people (artist, draw them however you like! Make the guys bad-ass and the women hot! Maybe their names will be Speed Clash, Flight Monster, Bag of Lust, and Circle Quirk)! The bad guys threaten Jaybird and the other one. Jaybird and the other one say some bad-ass stuff and act nonchalant and stuff. Roy thinks some thoughts that will have lots of jokes that I'll come up with after seeing the art. It'll totally be hilarious. Jay and the other one--fuck. What was his name? Oh, I'll ask the editor later if he's not busy groping the new intern--kill the bad guys. But then I'll probably make it so they didn't kill them because I guess they're not killers now and I'll write them as if they never were and they're totally empathic and crap. Jaybird will be all annoyed at the other one because the other one will be all, "I'm a slacker and shit! Total rockabilly genius too!" Oh crap! I forgot to remind the reader that he was a rockabilly genius in this new issue! It's a good thing Tess made up this new script for the next issue so I can point that out and everybody will be all, "Ha! Yeah! So Rockabilly! I guess!"

That would totally go to print, right? Pay me my money!

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