Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Omega Men #8

If it's forbidden, don't make a travel poster about it! Jerko!

Rating: +1 Ranking. People want you to believe that mainstream comic books eschew important messages in favor of popularity and profit. If you want your comic book to say something important about the world and the people in it, you should be reading indie comic books or--I can't believe I'm saying this after having lived through the 90s--Image books. That's probably true. It's almost definitely true. But because of it, some people will miss the best series to come out of Marvel and DC since the British Invasion. Maybe that's hyperbole. It's not like I've read every comic book between then and now. But if that kind of hyperbole can get people to go out and get this fucking book and read this fucking book and cry over this fucking book with me then the hyperbole has done its job. Get thee to a comic book store and pick up Tom King's The Omega Men. It's so fucking good. And it's important. Seriously important.

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