Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Harley Quinn Loves Power Girl #6

That pussy can lick itself! Rimjob shot! If you like those jokes, you'll love this comic book.

Rating: -2 Ranking. Enough Harley Quinn! Enough! It's too much! Especially when it's six issues of the same joke over and over again! Go back to publishing four issue miniseries! Creators obviously don't have enough ideas to fill six issues! Examples: This! Bat-mite! Bizarro! Lost Army! Doomed! Okay, those last two were never meant to be six issue miniseries. But that's even worse! They were supposed to be ongoing titles and they didn't have enough ideas for six issues! Of course Prez could have kept going because the writer of that book, old what's-his-name, actually had shit to say! Here's what Scott Lobdell might as well have written for the script of Doomed: "Is this where I endorse my paycheck? How about here? Is the money in my account now? I'm a comic book writer! Whee!" And here's Cullen Bunn's DC scripts: "Work for hire so I don't care! Work for hire so I don't care! Wipe my dick on the script and nobody notices it's the most interesting part of the story!" That's sung to the tune of Fascination Street by The Cure. Maybe.

If I have to read one more joke about a woman's vagina and what it does when the woman is aroused that isn't written by me, I'm going to, well, probably get aroused myself. Enough Harley Quinn already!

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