Thursday, January 21, 2016

Superman Loves Wonder Woman #24

That they're allied with Parasite is, sadly, the most interesting aspect of this story.

Rating: -1 Ranking. Superman and Wonder Woman spend the entire comic telling each other to break free of one bond or another. Finally they throw Parasite at the bad guy and save the day. I'm fairly certain Tomasi was just phoning this one in to get the story to the point where it intersects with all of the other Superman books. Vandal Savage has now watched all of his children go down in defeat and now it's his turn to go after Superman. Although he was also defeated in Batman Loves Superman so shouldn't this Crimson Dawn shit be over with now? Can Superman just have his powers back and can the world go back to loving him? Oh, and let him grow his hair out a bit! At least enough so his spit curl returns.

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