Thursday, January 28, 2016

Harley Quinn #24

This cover is getting ahead of itself.

Rating: -1 Ranking. More of the same. Simply being a Harley Quinn comic book doesn't mean it shouldn't also be interesting! Look. We all know this book is going to sell like Harley Quinn Cakes no matter what it's like. But I have a feeling DC thinks that a compelling story and funny jokes wouldn't really increase its sales, so why bother? At least this issue isn't just some beaver jokes, a cock named Mike because hilarious, and lots of chaotic violence! It also has dogs humping things and women flashing their boobs while guys get their heads blown off by shotguns! Now I'm not sure what got me titallated and I'm super confused!

At least the next issue seems interesting because The Joker guest stars! Continuity nerds might want to take a sedative before reading it.

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