Sunday, January 24, 2016

Earth Too: Society #8

In this issue, Hawkcop lives up to the nickname I gave her.

Rating: +2 Ranking. It's much better than it was. I still have a lot of problems with it but they're all based on the believability of the science fiction account of building a new world. I'm also not clear if Abnett understands that the "terraforming" was done by Green Lantern and not the science of the Earth-Twofers or if I've completely forgotten how Earth-Too was terraformed. I'm pretty sure it was totally Alan but when Green Lantern begins investigating a bioweapon that could have been a resut of the terraforming, he doesn't speak up and say, "Oh, my bad!" Dick. Maybe the multiple failed terraforming events using the Earth-2 Data corrupted the world.

One of the main conflicts between the city-states of Earth-Too is over power and resources. Green Lantern doesn't want the world erupting into war over limited resources and struggles over powering the cities so I don't know why he isn't creating those resources since he created the whole entire fucking ecosystem. Get to work, asshole!

Kendra is a Hawkcop through and through. She expects people whose home she's invaded to answer her questions while she shoots at them. What a fucking rectum.

My favorite character right now is The Sandman because he's not a fucking hypocrite. I also hope Val-zod regains his pacifistic nature. I need a Superman who is compassionate and not a Superman who punches things until they're quiet and he can go back to writing articles about how awesome he is and then sign a different name to them.

One last thing: are the women of Earth-Too suffering from some kind of vitamin deficiency or are they all knock-kneed because Jimenez is more concerned about the amount of negative space he creates beneath their vaginas than drawing them correctly?

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