Monday, January 4, 2016

Bombshells #6

Wink, wink!

I'm home tonight instead of driving around making my business thrive because the roads in Portland are currently sheets of ice. Therefore I've decided to work on my second business which is writing unhelpful comic book reviews! And which of my reviews are more unhelpful than my reviews of DC Comics Bombshells?! Practically none of them because in the other ones, I don't spend the majority of the time hoping women will kiss. I mean, I spend my time reading the comic book thinking that, obviously! But I don't write about it as much as I write about it while reading Bombshells!

I have a theory! The main reason guys like lesbian pornography is because we think men are just as disgusting as women think we are! Who wants to watch a man be sexy? It's gross! I can watch a man chop down a tree or swing a golf club or light a cigar and suck the shit out of it but I don't want to see him kissing a woman passionately. When I see that, I just think, "Poor woman!" Actually, men doing things that aren't sex is when men look most sexy. Some people think men in porn are skanky looking dudes but they're not! I bet they look super sexy trying on a tuxedo! It's just that filming a man's bone face while he stares at the woman desperate for a taste of his cock is like farting in the Louvre. I'd explain that analogy further but then why bother using it at all?!

My theory is probably wrong. But I plan on doing experiments to test it! Does Craigslist have a Science Section?

This issue begins with Mera destroying a German sub with a zombie crew. She conscripts a few whales into service on the side of the Allies which seems a bit presumptuous. How does she know they're not in favor of whatever Germany was in favor of. I think it had something to do with a worldwide eugenics program. It might also have had something to do with real estate and paranormal artifacts.

After Mera gets done flirting with the seamen, she meets Starikov and Stargirlikov.

I don't remember why I chose to scan these panels. Mera looked sexier in some earlier panels!

After battling for the requisite number of pages, the women stop and chat. They discover that they're all on the same side and choose to work together to save the world with copious breaks for kissing.

The next story features Batwoman and Catwoman so it will be the sexiest of all three stories. Unless the last story is a Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy romp!

While out blowing up tanks, Batwoman discovers a hideout for swing kids. Those are kids who swing. It's right there in their name. And one of those swing kids is The Huntress. And some of the swing kids are zombies! No wait. The zombies are of the undead German soldier variant so I guess they hate swing music. Batwoman watches The Huntress take a few out with her crossbow guitar and decides she wants to adopt her.

After the war stories are over, will this just morph into a Bombshells Birds of Prey book?

Catwoman and Lex Luthor pull up as Helena mentions she's the leader of the German Youth Resistance. Helena hides in Catwoman's trunk as Batwoman gets in to go have dessert with Lex and Selina. What kind of fancy French dessert is a ménage à trois? It sounds delicious!

Then there's a panel where Batwoman is simply saying "...eee." which means it's totally going to become an Eee! Tess Ate Chai Tea header!

On the way to dessert, Lex shows Batwoman his new toy: kryptonite! I guess that will stop...let's see...doing the of the Bombshells so far! Utterly useless, Lex! That should be Lex's new nickname: Uselex.

There is no third story. There is just a bunch of epilogues to the stories that have been taking place. Supergirl and Stargirl join the Bombshells and change their uniforms so they aren't quite as Soviet looking. Kate Kane misses out on dessert (or is coming back from it, seeing that she's in a new dress) because Brother Night tries to kidnap her. Wonder Woman breaks out of prison and goes on the lamb with Steve Trevor. Harley and Ivy continue their road trip to Germany while creating more Nazi zombies.

And Zatanna flirts with Bunny Constantine.

The Zatanna and Bunny Constantine gets a longer epilogue than the others because it's both sexy and too adorable for words. Especially this panel:

Now I want a bunny so I can teach it to smoke.

DC Comic Bombshells #6 Rating: No change. Overall, the art this issue didn't do much for me. Except for some of the bunny shots of Constantine and Zatanna wishing for Milan. I hated the relationship between Zatanna and Constantine in Justice League Dark but I could get behind this one. Their "will they/won't they" chemistry really works. Unless it only works because I can't stop cooing over the widdle bunny. I'm also cooing over Zatanna's cleavage but in a very different manner. I don't know why so many Bombshells comics have been coming out but I can only assume it's because they had a backlog of them from when it ran digitally and DC has been catching up on all of their late comics in December. It's probably for tax reasons. Isn't everything for tax reasons?

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