Saturday, January 23, 2016

Superman: American Alien #3

Come on! The bat symbol is such a nice touch!

Rating: +3 Ranking. I feel like I should be one of those pseudo-intellectual blogging windbags who describes as many things as they can as "meh" to prove they're too smart for everything so I could point out that Landis presents some fairly cliche ideas in hamfisted ways. But this comic book was fucking entertaining and any niggling critiques I might have would simply be sour grapes.

Sour grapes are good, right? Isn't that alcohol?

Um, uh, anyway, this story might not be in continuity but who the fuck cares? I cared more about Clark Kent and Barbara Minerva in this story than I've cared about either of them in nearly the entirety of The New 52. It doesn't hurt that Deathstork was made to look like a fool as well. It's sort of the role he should stick to instead of trying to carry his own comic book where he pretends to love his children but can't even remember his own son's name.

I wouldn't mind if DC Comics simply published well written stories and let the fans fight it out over continuity. Not like most fans aren't making up their own versions of everything anyway. Besides, what are comic books if not glorified fan-fiction?

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