Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Flash #47

Zoom runs like a five year old.

Rating: -2 Ranking. This is 22 pages of Zoom and Flash punching each other while Zoom explains what the previous story arc has been about. In the end, The Flash beats Zoom because he realizes Zoom isn't fast at all; he just slows down time. What the fuck is the difference?

The Flash has his A-ha Moment when Zoom tries to beat him to death with a clock. That's when Flash says to Zoom, "Did you study the Hafele-Keating experiment?" He then goes on to explain the experiment while punching Zoom forgetting that Zoom is from the year 2463 and probably knew about time dilation from the Time Dilation Cars they drive. Or the Time Dilation coffee makers. Or the Time Dilation Playstaion 65.

Ultimately The Flash beats Zoom by just screaming "NO!" really loudly and then suddenly having the ability to beat Zoom. And somehow Barry is able to come up with the evidence to prove Zoom killed Nora which will free his dad. But will he be able to come up with the evidence that his dad didn't shoot and murder that stupid security guard who runs into buildings when fire alarms go off from an earlier issue? Enh, everybody probably forgot about that right, Except maybe that poor guard's family!

In the end, The Flash's reputation is still ruined for stupid reasons that still don't make any sense no matter how many articles Iris publishes with the headline: FLASH! MENACE OR BIGGER MENACE?!

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