Friday, January 29, 2016

Secret Six #10

This cover gives more of an ending than the inside pages!

Rating: No change. What the hell just happened? I feel like I was about to sneeze the biggest, best sneeze and then the feeling just went away. You can also make that analogy about orgasms if you're nasty. Wasn't there a big magical story taking place with four pillars all across the world that needed to be broken to save Black Alice before she accidentally destroyed the world? And then this?! The last two pillars were both under the Daily Planet?! What kind of shit planning is that? And Black Alice (or the creature inhabiting her body) just decided to save its plan for some other day? Well fuck. At least Superman was written like he should be written! I won't say this ending was as disappointing as the final panel in the first issue of New 52 Batgirl but I'm actually going to say that! I changed my mind! My feelings are almost hurt by how horribly this story ended!

This smells like book being cancelled extreme script change shenanigans!

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