Monday, January 25, 2016

Green Arrow #48

I forgot to draw a penis on Ollie.

Rating: -2 Ranking. Oliver Queen is ashamed of being white and rich. Therefore he decides to get a disease so he can experience what it's like to be sick and abnormal like people who are not white and rich. Now people will look at him differently which will teach him empathy which is something rich white people can't develop any other way. Now he feels good because people see him as a monster!

Hey Ollie! Being rich and white already made people see you as a monster! You didn't need a degenerative disease for that to happen! You know what actually separates you from the disenfranchised? You have the resources to cure your stupid disease when you get tired of having it! Asshole.

So now Green Arrow is a werewolf because it makes him more interesting, I guess? Just like Aquaman was given every single power in existence because he was way too boring too. And Superman was more powerful than he should be so now he's a weak piece of shit. And Batman is dead (or at least might as well be). Wonder Woman is still basically Wonder Woman but she's being written and drawn by a husband and wife team who I'm not totally convinced aren't misogynists. In other words, DC Comics hates their heroes and will do anything to make them not them.

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