Friday, January 22, 2016

Midnighter #8

All the cool kids are working with Spyral these days.

Rating: +2 Ranking. I challenge any comic book writer to put this much character work in a one shot story about a character's downtime in any length story they tell with guest stars and variant covers and Bat-Connections. Midnighter has just been through hell with the betrayal of a man he loved. He's not sure about the connections he's made. He's not sure how to go about trusting people. For the first time in a long time, he's doubting his ability to know every move before it's made. And yet here he is getting on with life, making new friends, building up current relationships, and turning a new traitorous situation into an opportunity. Oh, and did I mention this issue guest stars B'wana Beast?

I don't know what kind of magical writing juice you've consumed, Steve Orlando, but keep at. The way you're going on this book, Midnighter will soon eclipse Batman and Batman will become the satiric take on Midnighter. He may be a killer but he's standing up for the oppressed, hurt, and victimized while Batman obsesses over The Joker's identity. Make mine Midnighter!

Stan Lee can't sue me for saying that, can he?

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