Sunday, January 31, 2016

Robin, Son of Batman #8

Gotham pigeons are a color that only exists inside of your mind.

Rating: No change. Ray Fawkes tells a story that is similar to the stories which Patrick Gleason was telling but is somehow missing the heart of those stories. It's bland and centered less on character than on making a point. That point is something like Damian still has the potential to become the horrible person his mother trained him to be. But he's willing to accept that side of him and acknowledge it so that he can continually fight against it. Or something.

It's pretty much what Tomasi and Gleason have been saying in their stories without taking an issue to lube up the mallet and bash us about the head with it. I don't know why the mallet needed to be lubed up for that. Maybe it's what Ray plans on doing with the mallet after I'm unconscious from the bashing.

I don't generally dislike Damian because there's something about Robins I almost always hate and Damian doesn't have any of that. But now he has it and I'm starting to dislike him: the fucking sidekick haircut! Way to go, Alfred! I was going to defend you and point out that Damian is a disrespectful little cunt but then you went and cut his hair like that? You know what? Who cares? Damian deserves that haircut after that attitude on display. Hey Damian! You don't treat older people who care about you like they're annoying servants who can't help butting in instead of just doing their job. I mean, yes, Alfred is also that! But you can try to be fucking kind to him, right? He's basically your grandfather and I can't fucking stand when grandkids have a shitty attitude towards their grandparents who obviously love and care for them very much and would do everything in the world for them.

Don't get me wrong! If your grandparent is a racist, guilt-inducing, judgmental bastard, treat them like shit! But Alfred is not that. Usually. Don't judge him by Gotham standards.

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