Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Suicide Squad #16

Sixteen issues to get back to status quo.

Rating: -2 Ranking. Crappy dialogue adds that special hint of extra suck that this story probably didn't need. This story puts an end to the Vic Sage nonsense that never should have begun in the first place. I still have no idea why he was introduced. I don't know how he was supposed to make the book better. I don't know why, plotwise, he was even added to the team! But he's gone, Bonnie's gone, and Amanda is back running her regular team out of Belle Reve. This book doesn't have to be so complicated, guys. In fact the one thing this book is supposed to do, it hasn't done for sixteen issues. No villains have died. No villains have even come close to dying because whoever is editing this shit seems to think this book will only sell if it's packed with popular villains who have no chance of being killed. Sure, some Man-bats died but that's like killing Stormtroopers. And Bonnie died in this issue but she was just part of the Vic Sage story that needed to be swept under the burning rug inside the gasoline doused property.

Seriously. I don't know how DC can get such a simple concept like the Suicide Squad so fucking wrong. Did anybody currently at DC even read the Ostrander run?!

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