Friday, January 29, 2016

Batgirl #47

Dear Diary! Today I didn't die when I drove my motorcycle off of a roof!

Rating: -1 Ranking. This is the first time in a long time I've read Batgirl without being in Batgirl's Diary mode and I'm wondering how much of my enjoyment of the comic book was actually just the enjoyment of myself? Not like that, pervo!

It's not that I don't like the comic book! I really do. But I think I've overliked the comic book because I'm so in love with my Batgirl Diary entries! Judging this issue on its own merits alone, it's a bit repetitive for my tastes. Babs has another guest crashing on her couch (who totally isn't the bad guy stealing her memories at all because that's too expected!). Babs seems to be betraying herself like when here Oracle AI got out of control. Babs has another talk with her father where her father pretends not to know she's Batgirl. Frankie gets upset with Babs about whatever. Like it matters at this point.

And apparently all the guys in the DCYou are mega-gross assholes that deserve to be physically assaulted. Yet again we have a comic book with a female lead where a woman gets hit on by some lecherous douche and subsequently gets beat down. Don't worry that he was just trying to stop Batgirl and Spoiler from breaking the law. Who do the cops in Gotham think they are? Vigilantes can do whatever they want and justify it accordingly! Especially if the guy they're justifying all over just propositioned Spoiler by inviting her to the police locker room. Ew. Spoiler was right. Mega-gross! Not so much the propositioning but that location? Disgusting!

The issue ends with some guy changing Babs' memories while she sleeps and then grinning at the reader like some creepy motherfucker. You know what? I thought about it and it's probably Greg, the guest on the couch. That guy likes to steal women's panties. Probably because he's a male in the DCYou.

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