Thursday, January 21, 2016

Telos #4

If DC actually wants this book to sell, they should call it Robot Sex Orgy.

Rating: -1 Ranking. The cover doesn't lie! This issue is just a bunch of robots bashing other robots until they go offline. I guess there's also a betrayal of sorts but I won't spoil that Brainiac sides with Telos in the end and Computo gets fucked. I guess this was the Trojan War story that Homer told so that he could tell his Odyssey story. It did involve a virus which is also sometimes called a Trojan Horse! See? Parallels! Now Telodysseus has left his compatriots to head home to reunite with his family. Except he doesn't know where they are. It's also possible this part of the story paralleled some other part of the Odyssey that I'm not familiar with. I only remember the things most people remember like the part where John Goodman hits George Clooney on the back of the head and the part where the washing women sing a song and the part where Poseidon gets angry. The only part of The Iliad I remember is the part where Achilles shield is described and also the part where Achilles drags his dead lover around the city walls. Oh, and the horse, of course!

I think this story only exists because Jeff King pitched the idea of a story that paralleled the Odyssey and everybody at the pitch meeting went, "I'm smart enough to pretend to think that is awesome!"

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