Monday, January 16, 2017

Scooby Apocalypse #7

These meddling kids are still murdering victims of the nano-virus?

I'm so glad nobody really writes about clip art anymore because I was tired of being constantly disappointed after realizing I'd misread it.

That had nothing to do with Scooby Apocalypse but then what is there to really say about it? It's the Scooby Gang solving problems with violence as opposed to solving problems with logic and science. It's the Scooby Gang America deserves. The only thing that would make it more American is if Fred and Shaggy were wearing the same clothes they wear in it now but Daphne and Velma were in bikinis.

In this issue, Fred breaks his leg because it's an easy way to get the Gang to their next plot location: a hospital. Not that a hospital needed to be the next plot location but it had to eventually be somewhere other than a Walmart. Why not a hospital? Plus hospitals are creepy! Especially if they're the ones for the criminally insane and they've been closed down and there are corpses and raving lunatics everywhere.

I've been playing Outlast on the Xbox One the last few days which might explain why I think closed down asylums are full of corpses and raving lunatics. And when I say "the last few days," I really mean a few minutes here and there because it's about all my heart can stand. That game is scary!

What Did We Learn?
We learned that no matter how short Velma's skirt seems to be, it's always long enough when it needs to cover up the goods. Stupid skirt that changes lengths constantly! We also learned that Scooby Doo is way too brave and Daphne has gotten over the fact that she's probably murdering sick people.

The Ranking!
No change!

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