Friday, January 20, 2017

Justice League #13

I feel like Wonder Woman should be immune from any type of mind-control while she holds her lasso.

Steve Trevor is tormented by Eclipso until he finally succumbs to the darkness.

What Did We Learn?
We learned that writers, especially comic book writers, tend to believe everybody has a dark side that they're barely keeping in check. Apparently we all want to slaughter everybody around us and drink their blood and dance in their spilled entrails. I would like to find this unbelievable because it's not something I believe. But then I see how quickly people are to anger and I think maybe there's something to it. If Eclipso were to turn me using the darkness in my own heart, he'd just have to get some piece of technology to fail me. He can just come up to me and say, "Can you print this for me using the wireless printer that's totally on the network and should only take a few clicks of the mouse?" Then I'd be all, "Sure!" Within minutes of the stupid thing telling me it can't find the printer or that the print job is spooling and spooling and fucking infinitely spooling, I'd be one of his pawns. Heck, even when I go to shut down my computer and I accidentally put it to sleep instead, I'd become Eclipsed! But I don't go around thinking I'd like to murder somebody just because they got my fast food order wrong at the drive-thru. Have you ever been to dinner with somebody who seems to be having a nice time and then some internal clock ticks past the exact second where they think they should have been served or waited on and they become inhuman monsters to the staff for the rest of the night? Those people deserve to be turned into Eclipsos and then murdered by Deadshot.

The Ranking!
-1! It's not a fucking Justice League story. It's a Steve Trevor story! And it casts him in an unsympathetic light. Oh, sure, he saves a bunch of people. But look at how he reacts to finding his niece and nephew Eclipsed:

Even if they can be cured, Trevor wants to kill them because he'll still have the memory of them being murderous little monsters! Fucking selfish bastard.

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