Friday, January 6, 2017

Justice League #12

Who forgot to tell Yanick that Jess wasn't on the team anymore?

The Review!
+1 Ranking. In this issue, we discover that Max Lord has both Mommy and Daddy Issues. He's got twice the problems of a typical DC Character. We learn this information in a story that took place not long before the events of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #1. Max Lord manages to get himself caught by Amanda so he can be alone with her, forcing her with his powers to reveal the location of the Super Duper Scary Suicide Squad. Then he uses his powers to get away and go start his mission to control the world. The story is called "Max Lord: Rebirth" and it tells the reader pretty much everything anybody needs to know about this current incarnation of Max Lord. Normally I'd have all kinds of things to say about those things that the reader learns. But I already expressed myself enough today in other reviews so I'm out of opinions. Plus I need to save some opinions for the next books I read, The Fall of Captain Atom and The Atom Rebirth! Those are first issues so I can't, in good faith, rush those. Especially since the last time I read a Captain Atom book, it was the beginning of The New 52 when about 25% of the books were terrible. Including Captain Atom's book!

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