Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mother Panic #2

Why is somebody masturbating in the background?

I should be asleep but I am not. So instead, I will read this comic book about a freaked out mom.

So this issue begins where I didn't want the last issue to go because it's depressing and I'm tired and now I have to live with this in my head.

I told you I didn't like the cut of Fred's jib.

So at this point, is it still a mystery how Violet's father died? Or why? Fucking disgusting pig is why. And probably violently is how.

Speaking of violence, is Violet named Violet because it evokes both violence and flowers? Sort of harsh and soft at the same time. And her last name is Paige because she's not real; she's just a story.

Because of the bodyguard, Violet is now also trying to rescue some children who must have been part of Hemsley's art project. The art was actually done by Gala but Hemsley commissioned it. But Violet doesn't know about Gala yet. She can't confront her nemesis too soon or the story loses all of its dramatic tension. Instead, she has to fight the sub-boss of the early level.

I don't know why Violet is after Hemsley. She didn't discover his weird art fetish until after she kidnapped his bodyguard. He must have some other secrets she's discovered that have convinced Violet that he needs to die. Or maybe it's just a personal vendetta, like he insulted her mother or bought some goods off her father for the same price Fred paid.

Violet tracks down Hemsley but can't bring herself to kill him. I guess she never quite got around to learning to pull the trigger. But she does find out where his art was transferred to. So now she can go rescue the kids and discover the next person up on the chain of people she's going to not kill for some reason.

Violet decides to nearly finish her memory of her origin story. As a child fifteen years ago, she confronted her father about Fred's intentions. Her dad insisted that it was not Violet Fred wanted but Violet's mother. Apparently that doesn't soothe Violet's rage because she shoots him in the chest with the shotgun anyway. So that's how her father died! I guess next time, we'll find out how she became Mother Panic?

The back-up story is a back-up story. It features a story that is not the same as the front-down story. It is also not the opposite so I don't know why I called the main story a front-down story. The back-up story is the second part to the first part of the story that appeared at the end of Issue #1. In that one, a radio DJ died. In this one, a right-wing podcaster takes his place. I don't know what happened to the guy with the hood who said, "Thanksgiving."

The Ranking!
No change. Was I supposed to color the cover of this comic book myself? That seems like work and not fun. And since it's work, shouldn't DC pay me for coloring it? Not that I colored it so I guess they're off the hook this time. And not off the hook in the cool way where you get off the hook up in the club. I mean that they got away with it without being punished.

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