Monday, January 16, 2017

Gotham Academy: Second Semester #4

This kind of heat can't be good for the vagina.

There was a time a person could go on the Internet and spout all sorts of incorrect vagina facts and nobody would say a thing because what do Actually Nerds know about vaginas?! But now thanks to feminism, instead of less Actually Nerds, we have more! So now women are getting into the white male virgin dominated Actually Game and constantly exposing my ignorance of the vagina! Hey, people? You do know that equality doesn't have to mean everybody taking on and expressing equally all of the worst traits of humanity, right? Can't we all equally not correct people on the Internet? I take it as a form of bullying! What right do you have to criticize my lack of knowledge of the vagina?! It's not like it would lead to a world where grown-ass men think they know better than women what to do with their...oh. Never mind. Correct away! Tell me how heat actually does affect the vagina! Maybe even submit some pictures! Drawings, of course! I don't expect to be inundated with pictures of female private parts in different controlled climates. Unless it's more scientific that way, of course.

Also, I already know how dicks react to temperature. I don't need any pictures of those!

In this issue, the Pizza Detective Club go to a demonic carnival. It's barely different than a regular carnival. There's a snake lady, a hall of mirrors, a boy who hasn't age in one hundred years, and the attempted abduction of children. In the end, the kids are rescued by Headmaster Hammer who will later pretend nothing strange happened and everybody should just stop talking about it and get back to schoolwork.

What Did We Learn?
Carnivals are evil and run by drunks who steal children. Sometimes those drunks are actually demons, and sometimes they're just assholes.

The Ranking
No change.

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