Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Lost Boys #4

Nothing says "illusory cool" like 80s style (and saxophones).

The Review
No change. This is a Vertigo comic book but it didn't feel like a Vertigo comic book until this issue. That's because even though it's full of vampires who are totally into sex and swearing, not one of them sexed anything or cussed their brains out in the previous issue. But in this issue, David is all, "You don't fuck, motherfucker! Fucking vampires fuck! Fucking hell yeah we fucking do!" And then David and The Believer impale themselves on a stalagmite (unless it's a stalactite!) and die in a sexy death embrace that completes the ritual to wake the Motherfucking Vampire Mothers who didn't put many clothes on when they fell asleep in the pool centuries ago.

I know David and Sam and the Believer's nipples were all over the earlier pages of this thing and that they look almost exactly like these nipples but society has programmed me to only be turned on by these nipples. And look at that! I'm all sexified now!

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