Friday, January 6, 2017

Nightwing #12

I didn't know whales had such nice tits.

The Review!
No change. Nightwing teams up with the Run-Offs to investigate the murders with which their friends have been framed. While doing this, they encounter their old friend, The Orca, who nearly defeats them. But thanks to a plucky chipmunk named Goob, the day is saved! Except the day isn't saved for the third person murdered in the last three nights. And this time, they were killed in a way that will get Thrill Devil framed. Plus, Dick encountered Cherry Annabel, employee of the Convention and Tourism Bureau. She's the one who decided he should be part of their ad campaign and also another woman he's probably going to fück.

This advert got me excited for a comic book in a way that I haven't been excited for a comic book in a long time. And, no, it didn't involve boners.

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