Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Raven #4

This cover makes me think of autoerotic asphyxiation.

Since Donald Trump is against the free exchange of ideas, supporters of Donald Trump are not allowed to read my blog anymore. Not that it really matters! The moment any of them read that, my blog became idiotic and unfunny to them, no matter what they thought of it before.

I really am finding difficult to read a comic book straight through these days without being distracted. I have to keep stopping to tweet to President Trump or Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Here's my latest tweet to Trump:

@realDonaldTrump While you're investigating voter fraud, maybe look into gangs driving without headlights on and murderers with hookhands.

It's suddenly become more fun to tweet at Trump and Spicer than to make fun of comic books. I sincerely think the best course of action is to tweet Trump hilariously insulting daily tweets until he can't take the incessant criticism and quits.

But enough about stuff that doesn't matter! Let me explain how shitty this comic book is!

The White Carnival is still pulling people into it. It's been doing that without any real change to the plot for three issues now because DC mini-series have to be six issues long, no matter how much story Marv Wolfman was able to come up with. Raven has wound up in the hospital battling her soulself while a terrible doctor looks on.

"Cardiac arrest! Oh no! I have to cut her open!"

The doctor is about to cut into Raven saying, "I don't know if what I'm doing is the right thing, but I know she will die if I do nothing." Maybe he's the janitor who just found a scalpel lying nearby? Surprisingly, the doctor doesn't do anything and Raven doesn't die. I bet the nurses never look him in the eye again.

Once more, people go in to the White Carnival, people come out drained, and Raven cannot get in. It's still not powerful enough to defeat her. It would have been nice if it were powerful enough as soon as it was up and running so this series could have been two issues long.

Raven also takes care of the super-villains trying to take credit for the White Carnival in order to collect a ransom. None of them are ever named because they were just a way to prolong a story that has no point. Oh, and Raven battled Trigon's will because Marv Wolfman doesn't know how to write a Raven story without featuring Trigon.

What Did I Learn?
I learned I've had my fill of Trump supporters. If they're still supporting Trump at this point, they're obviously only concerned with gloating. Introspection is not a thing they are capable of. They steadfastly believe that the truth is propaganda and that propaganda is truth because they have such a high degree of self-confidence in their ability to sense bullshit. But they are wrong. They will always be wrong. Because instead of stopping and wondering why Trump is working to remove all transparency from Washington when he stated he was giving America back to the people, they're busy calling people libtards and laughing about their liberal tears. They're angry and butthurt and they have no idea why the anger didn't go away when Trump became president so they continue to lash out at those they perceive are their enemies (thus actually making them their enemies). They can't understand why they should stand up for anything that doesn't affect them directly and so revel in other people's misery. Eventually they'll learn that they've been duped but we're all going to pay the price until then. I have a sad feeling the only thing that will make Trump supporters angry at this point is when they realize they're paying for the Mexican Border Wall out of their taxes. Actually, that sad feeling is "hope" and it makes me sad because I don't even think that will do it for them.

The Ranking!
No change.

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