Friday, March 30, 2012

Swamp Thing #7


Instead of transforming Alec Holland into the Swamp Thing instantly, the Parliament of Trees play a little game with him. They use their power to keep him from dying outright and then encase him in a giant head of lettuce.

Why does the Rot need to turn their heads around to control them? Stop being creepy for the sake of being creepy, Rot!

The Parliament plan to keep him alive just long enough to experience the pain of their deaths and then let him die as well. If this were to be believed, then this is the last issue of the comic book! So something better happen to change Alec's fate!

The Parliament admit to using all of their power to resurrect Alec in the hopes that he would become their Warrior King. But he refused and he kissed Abby when they told him not to. So now they're acting like spiteful parents telling their child, "We told you so!", and refusing to help him because he didn't do as they said. What a bunch of jerks! I can't wait until they're dead and out of Swamp Thing's life for good!

The love story of a Head of Lettuce and a Hardened Cocoon.

Alec and the Parliament of Trees debate for awhile and it seems as if the Parliament would transform Alec to save him if they could. Alec reminds them he has the last canister of the bio-restorative formula in his backpack. If they break the vial, the transformation could work. They agree to try even though they are doomed themselves no matter what happens.

It works. And Alec Holland becomes the monster once again. But this time he did it on his terms and for his own reasons. And he won't have any stupid trees telling him what to do. He grows wings made of branches and leaves and flies off to make war with The Rot. And possibly save Abby as well. Or, you know, fight her to the death. Whatever.

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