Monday, March 12, 2012

Suicide Squad #3

Cliff Richards did the art for this?

Another comic that starts off out of sequence. The group is pinned down in a diner with some bounty hunter named Mad Dog trying to shoot the shit out of them. I'll ignore this for now and start two hours earlier when the Squad first escaped from the Megadome.

They end up stealing some clothes from a laundromat so that they can ditch the uniforms and blend in. They leave King Shark in the woods somewhere because, well, how the fuck are you going to disguise that thing? Still, some of the members have some problems with not sticking out.

Maybe try something with a hoodie that covers a bit more skin then.

The team gets all dressed up like the locals (meaning dressing like the Dukes of Hazzard County) and they find an off-season hunting cabin to hide out in as well. While Spider and Diablo head out for medical supplies, Harley Quinn flirts with Deadshot.

He changes his mind in one panel.

I don't get the clown car joke. Is she comparing her vagina to a clown car? If so, does that mean Deadshot has 18 penises?

After Waller cockblocks Deadshot with an incoming call, everybody heads back out to the diner to meet up for the evacuation. On the way, Deadshot and Harley run into Mad Dog. He and Deadshot seem to know each other.

After 37 hours of training to make sure they don't give up the operation or Waller, Deadshot does that?! What a chump!

A shoot-out ensues and everyone ends up in the diner unable to fire a shot at anybody else because Harley turned on the gas. But she only thought up that plan after Mad Dog had already seriously wounded Black Spider.

Sheesh! And these were the idiots who passed all of the keep your mouth shut or die trials!

Mad Dog takes off and launches a grenade into the diner as the the Squad escapes out the back. Actually, half the squad. Spider and Diablo remain inside the explosion but Diablo protects them with his Asbestos Tattoos. As Mad Dog escapes, he meets up with King Shark and, presumably, is eaten. The Squad finally meets up with the evac and hand over the baby. But the Squad isn't allowed to go anywhere. It's time for another mission!

Yo Yo has got to be the stupidest name yet yet.

The other replacement 'personal' is good old Captain Boomerang! Captain Boomerang tells the rest of the jerks that he's in charge of their next mission and even shows them the detonator for the bombs in their necks. I think the mission involves those Basilisk people I mentioned earlier since the comic hasn't mentioned them yet. And I've only read the first four issues of Suicide Squad. So it'll be in the next one!

Death Count:
Issue #1: Savant.
Issue #2: Voltaic.
Issue #3: Mad Dog.

Mad Dog is the only character that has died that I'm even partially familiar with. And he might still have survived. The encounter was ambiguous enough.

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