Friday, March 30, 2012

Red Lanterns #5

Bleez pulls off a perfect Butt-Boob Showcase!

I like how this cover is almost exactly like the cover of Issue #4. That one also declared a big fight to lead the Red Lanterns. Or at least a big fight for a ring. But then that never happened. So the cover declares it'll happen this time. I'm pretty sure the Cover Artists for DC get a general synopsis for the story that will be in the book they're doing the art for but by the time the book is ready to see print, the whole story has shifted and changed and they don't bother to change the cover art at all. I understand when the cover lies just to be more exciting. But when the cover mentions a story arc that never develops until later, it just seems like a mistake.

Krona's body has been stolen from Atrocitus so Atrocitus no longer has anybody to confide in. And it seems like this happens a lot on Ysmault because Atrocitus isn't really too shocked (plus he says, "Again!"). He flies off to yell at Bleez.

Bleez suggests that perhaps Krona has come back to life. And even though Atrocitus has mutilated his corpse more times than he can remember, he believes it could be true. So he organizes a search party by throwing Bleez into a mountain and telling her to fetch his Red Lanterns drowning in the Blood Ocean.

Kitty at Bleez's foot and he wants attention.

All three Red Lanterns tossed into the ocean have survived the experience. Zilius Zox, a big round rock with a face, legs and ams, returns without the reader getting any of his experiences. Skallox remembers he was a torturer and the servant of a great crime lord who betrayed him and through him in a fire. The Red Ring found him and saved him but not before his face melted off. And Ratchet was caught for leaving his basement to meet his internet friends and was put in a cell for 80 years. During that time, they amputated his tendrils. The Red Ring broke him out when his rage became great enough.

These three Red Lanterns along with Bleez and Atrocitus will now decide who in the universe is deserving of vengeance. Ratchet makes it clear that this is no goody-goody mission of justice they are on.

But this guy looked so cute in his past life.

But first they need to find the missing dead Guardian Krona! And meanwhile, back on Earth...

Big surprise! The smart brother who was never angry turns into the Red Lantern!

The angry brother on Earth starts a fight with some cops and gets his ass killed while his brother watches. So the brother gets all mad about how big a coward he's always been and is filled with rage and gets a visit from the Red Ring. Presto! New Red Lantern!

So now, five issues in, the Red Lantern Corps has a decent number of members who can actually communicate. Let's hope things start happening off the planet of Ysmault now. And maybe we'll finally learn about the Czarnian Red Lantern. She's probably mad that Lobo goes around claiming to be the last his race!

This issue was fine but not spectacular. So it can sit at the same spot on the charts for another month.

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