Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hawk and Dove #3

Shouldn't the Avatar of Peace talk it out?

Well, that depends entirely on their gender.

A fight breaks out before anybody can be spayed or neutered! Although, if I'd been Dove, I would have answered, "Spayed!", and then watched to see exactly how Condor would achieve that with President Obama. "Where the fuck are his ovaries?!"

By all means, let me answer all of your questions before I kill you and steal your power!

As the fight continues, two secret service agents barge in and one instantly gets his head bitten off by Condor. Bitten right off! So Hawk, um, tackles? Condor in an effort to keep him from biting off the other guy's head.

What does he mean by 'dessert'?!

Oh! That's what he means by dessert!

Dove and Swan continue to fight in the other room. Swan teaches Dove a little bit about how a Swan's Song brings death and then she disappears to go sing it in another room. Swan can also breathe fire but not like Etrigan. It looks like she has to spit it up in her hand and then she can make letters out of it and then the fire shoots bullets at its intended target. Or fireballs.

Back to Hawk and Condor, they've fallen into the kitchen with a couple of bored cooks.

And he's still making stupid food jokes. Or is it a sado-masochistic sex joke?

And their costumes are so similar, even the Letterer can't tell who is supposed to be speaking!

Deadman arrives on the scene (or has been on the scene the whole time, the lousy stalker) to help out. First he helps out the president and Judge Hall and then he decides to help out Hawk by trying to take over Condor. But when he does, this happens:

Would this same kind of thing happen if he tried to possess Hawk or Dove as well?

Condor and Swan keep mentioning something called The Circle which they and Hawk and Dove all belong to. Hawk and Dove know nothing about it and Condor and Swan believe that makes them weak because they aren't utilizing their full powers. Condor has been tracking down members of this Circle (Avatars but of what I do not know) and consuming them to add to his power. Just as he's about to devour Hawk, he seems to be about to mention that he did this to the original Dove!

Dove? Doogie Howser? Doughnuts?

The fight between Dove and Swan ends off panel and Dove refuses to tell Hawk what happened during this issue. But Dove does arrive with Swan's blade to commit a pretty nasty act of violence for an Avatar of Peace!

This is why Condor doesn't finish his thought in the previous panel.

After this, Condor is reduced to an old man. And Hawk is ready to interrogate him next issue!

I know I said if this issue were an entire fight scene, I'd drop Hawk and Dove one rank. And it was an entire fight scene. But it actually has interesting things going on in the story. We've got some mystery and some changes coming to Hawk and Dove. And while the execution has quite a few problems, I'm actually interested! So I'm going to move it up one rank ahead of Legion Lost and let Legion Lost prove that it should be ahead of Hawk & Dove after four issues!

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