Friday, March 30, 2012

Animal Man #5

Maxine looks like a Vampiric Ninja Turtle.

Buddy, Maxine, and Socks are on their way to save Ellen and Cliff from the third hunter. Socks doesn't think Buddy should be bringing Maxine toward the hunter because Maxine is all that matters. Of course, that means it doesn't matter if Socks lives or dies either!

Socks could take him.

Ellen and Cliff are blasting the shit out of the Hunter with Ellen's mom's shotgun. It doesn't seem to hurt it but it does mess up its shape and slow it down. It's about to kill Cliff when Buddy throws himself on it and allows Ellen and Cliff to escape. But Buddy once again gets his ass kicked by another Hunter. This Hunter's finishing move is Fill Victim With Lard.

Mmm, sweet, sweet, jelly-filled Animal Man.

This lard filling gives Buddy a vision of the future if the Hunters succeed. And the future involves Buddy Baker being a web of organs with a face. But he only has the face for a little bit because Maxine eats it. Like on the cover!
Buddy is about done in. He's left to grovel and beg for his daughter's safety when he becomes cut off from the Life Web. And then, he suddenly feels it all around him as Maxine calls in the reinforcements.

Raccoons to the rescue!

Except the rescue kind of goes tits up. By eating the Hunter, all of the animals are infected by the Rot and they turn on Buddy Baker. But I think Buddy stands a better chance beating up a bunch of animals than he does beating up the Hunter. Except Buddy is probably against hitting animals, being a vegan and an animal rights activist. So his only option is to run.

The Baker clan load up in Ellen's mom's RV and they flee the farm. Socks claims that the Rot will now spread and infect everything in the path of these animals. And then he claims that only the Swamp Thing can save them now.

How my girlfriend sees Raccoons.

How I see Raccoons.

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