Monday, March 19, 2012

Static Shock #2

I'm guessing everyone can escape Virule and the Slate Gang.

When Static Shock's arm is cut off (at the end of last issue and relived again at the beginning of this issue! In case everyone forgot), it causes a massive electrical explosion or some kind of intense feedback. The buildings surrounding Static Shock lose power but his arm snaps back into place. It looked like he was pure electricity instead of blood and bone. He complains that his arm burns and makes a magnetic cast for it but I'm guessing it's just find and the electricity and magnetism he creates with his powers simply prevents him from losing limbs. Not sure if it would work for his head though!

Static's arm is barely even hurt when he runs a diagnostic on it. So he's got some kind of super healing power and the ability to keep his limbs from falling off. That should come in handy.

This is Piranha and some Joker wannabe.

The criminal cartel trying to kill Static think the Slate Gang and Virule suck because they couldn't kill Static. I think they suck because they ride flying jet skis and shoot compact discs. Also, they're multicolored like the Power Rangers. That's never cool.

If they were cooler, maybe I would have compared them to Voltron.

The thing that's wrong about Static's sister that was alluded to last issue is that there is too much of her. 100% too much of her! It seems she has a doppelganger living with the family and nobody knows which one is the real Sharon. So they just let both of them live with them and treat them both as family. In this issue, they both share the same dream about the other one crawling out of their mouths. So far, this is the most interesting part of the comic book!

Static ends up chasing some of the Power Rangers around and easily takes out two of their jet skis since they levitate via magnetism. He then chases the Yellow Power Ranger up the side of a building where he ends up face to face with Virule. They fight for a few pages and then the comic ends with Static about to be filleted.


Nothing really exciting is happening in this comic and it has no hook. The most interesting thing so far has to do with Static's sister and that's just barely mentioned. But there also wasn't anything horrible about the story either. It's just bland and fairly boring. I'll leave it at the same rank for now but if the next issue is the same, it'll drop a rank for wasting my time.

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