Monday, March 12, 2012

Suicide Squad #4

Wasn't Voltaic already betrayed by one of their own?

In this issue, the Suicide Squad infiltrates a Basilisk Terror Cell to collect Dr. Elisa Visyak, the creator of the nano-virus that turns people into electric zombies. They get in, collect her, and try to leave. But they're stopped Grey Lora of Basilisk. Before any violence can erupt, Deadshot speaks a name...

...which seems to get her attention. Apparently Wong Fon Yay was Grey Lora's sister. Or mother. Or lover. Or daughter. That's never really made clear. And when I called her Wong Fon Yay just now, that wasn't a joke or an error. That's what she's called through the rest of the comic. I don't know why Deadshot calls her Wong Fon Shay the first time but I suspect an error on the Letterer's part. Or the writer.

Deadshot knows who killed her and is willing to give Grey Lora the information if Grey Lora is willing to let the squad walk out with the doctor. It appears that Wong was stabbed through the heart with a boomerang.

Captain Boomerang was only added to the mission in case the Squad couldn't get back out with the doctor. His firing mechanism is a dud and it isn't a surprise. Waller would never give Boomerang that kind of authority. Not only is he a miserable jackass, he's also a huge spaz who wouldn't hesitate to push that button if someone pissed him off. So the Squad leaves Boomerang with Basilisk and Grey Lora lets them go in return for Wong Fon Yay's body. When the Squad gets back to Belle Reeve with the Doctor, their Nanite Neck Bombs still aren't disarmed and they're shoved into the middle of a prison riot that they need to stop in 18 minutes or their heads will explode!

Nobody died in this issue! That's good because DC doesn't have an infinite number of C-List villains to throw away each month. Although if they really want to clean up with this reboot, this is the way to take care of all those troublesome characters!

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