Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blackhawks #4

For a covert team, they sure love to display their branding.

TItus has stolen a rod from the Blackhawks nuclear reactor core and The Eyrie is going to experience some pretty hard times if someone doesn't come up with a plan. Kunoichi had better come up with a plan since she's now some kind of super techno computer God thing and is plugged into the entire base. She'll probably figure out to shut it down safely before the Blackhawks are completely destroyed in just four issues.

Oh, so this is finally happening? Stupid spoiler on Issue #3's cover!

While taking a tour of Mother Machine's city of Bespoke, Canada and Wildman notice one of their jets. Or space jets. Or Veritechs. The Blackhawks deal with alien technologies, so Canada smashes Mother Machine in the face with some stairs believing he can handle flying this thing so they can escape. Which is kind of rude, seeing as how she's been nothing but sweet and kind in her I'm going to take over the world and make it a better place fascist way.

Back at The Eyrie, the whole place is filling up with radiation and the team is evacuating. Laszlo might be able to save them but he's off in Deathstroke #4! I don't actually know what Laszlo does with the Blackhawks. He's probably just a nobody red shirt nothing. As everyone begins abandoning the base, Irishman gives Kunoichi a knife since she's staying behind to fight Titus. Titus has his big ass blades and a Uranium Rod and she gets a little pig sticking knife!

*snort* I highly doubt that!

Kunoichi puts up a pretty good fight against Titus but only because his Nanocites are just barely keeping him alive while he's flooded with radiation. But even nearly dead, he gets the better of her as the radiation begins to take its toll on her as well. But Kunoichi knows The Eyrie's systems and has complete remote control of the base. So as Titus is going in for the kill, she rams a Blackhawk jet up his ass and blows up the hangar.

Nice improvised nuclear blast. The Eyrie's hangar is going to be unsafe for generations!

Titus staggers away from the blast and then falls off the edge of the mountain, probably only to be seen again the next time the Blackhawks get a comic book series. Kunoichi also survives. Those Nanocites are pretty powerful. But why are they such a bad thing that will cause the end of the world? My guess is that anybody infected with Nanocites can also be controlled by Mother Machine. Just a matter of issues before Kunoichi turns on the Blackhawks.

Meanwhile back at Bespoke, Canada easily figures out how to fly a piece of alien technology that he's never seen before. Although he isn't actually flying it. He just, somehow, got it started. Perhaps all it needs is a pilot to sit in the seat and the ship decides, "Okay! Time to go!" and then it follows a preset course. This ship's preset course is taking Wildman and Canada into space. But since they don't actually know where they've been taken, going into space could mean they're returning to Earth. Or they're headed to Mother Machine's home planet! If her home planet is different than Earth.

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