Friday, March 30, 2012

Swamp Thing #6

"Even love dies"? As if Love is all powerful or something? Shit, love dies all the time. In long car rides. In desperately quiet households. In a stranger's glance. Love is one of the most fragile things there is!

Alec and Abby's get together has been interrupted by the Parliament of Trees screaming inside Alec's head. While Alec is distracted, William squirms free of the tree (the Chlorophyll didn't seem to harm him too much. Did he really need to be in that bubble?). And because Abby and Alec were basically making out in a pile of blood and gore, William captures Abby inside a cocoon of bones and guts.
Abby is going through a transformation in her flesh cocoon. That's what cocoons are for, right? She is the Avatar of the Rot, not William. And now she's going to fulfill her destiny. The Rot will have its Queen.

Oh, yeah, the Queen thing. William was telling Alec a story about playing chess back in the hospital. Except both sides were missing the Queen. So they used old spools to represent the queens. He mentioned how sad it was to have two sides fighting a battle while missing their strongest weapons. So, yeah, it's an analogy about the Rot versus the Green. And Abby is the Rot's Queen. And Swamp Thing is the Green's Queen. That should be the subtitle to this comic: Swamp Thing, Queen of the Green.

And now with the Parliament of Trees burning and Abby trapped by the Rot, will Alec finally reclaim the mantle of Swamp Thing? Is it time for him to turn? I think so!

But the Parliament of Trees says no. They are dying and it's too late to change him. And then a creature of the Rot sticks a chainsaw through Alec's chest!

It's like the cover of a Stryper album.

Alec Holland once again dies in a swamp. Or is dying in the swamp. But that's what is needed to transform him! The Green always take a dying man into its power. The last time Alec transformed, it was faulty because he had fully died in the explosion. But now The Green can take and transform him while he's still clinging to the last of his life. The Rot just fucked up! Nothing more embarrassing than saying Checkmate during a match and having your opponent get out of it!

The story is just getting better! Up the ranks and I think I'll go ahead and read Issue #7 now. Which will get me caught up on 1 out of 52 titles!

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