Sunday, March 18, 2012

Men of War #4

Naked? With his dick in something?

Private Korba's big explosion took out the helicopters coming for Rock and his group and also knocked all of the other combatants unconscious. Rock and his men were spared. They regroup and head inland. Private Perez wants to know what the hell Korba just did but Rock doesn't seem to be curious about it. Maybe that's how we've never seen Rock before? Not curious?

And since Rock isn't curious, Korba just decides to tell him his secret origin anyway. But his secret origin is so boring that I'm not going to repeat it. He wants to ditch Rock and the company because he's a freak but Rock won't let him go. Rock says that if you declare you're a freak, you aren't a freak. So you can't get out of Rock's unit that way! Except he doesn't say it like that Heller would say it. He doesn't even say Korba isn't a freak! He just tells Korba, "You're infantry." Oh! OH MY! That's so powerful!

I wish this war comic were more anti-military and anti-god! That would make it more interesting! Enough with the strong follow order types who keep praying to God. I wish Circe would come back to ask them about their bad decisions that led them into the military!

This comic is more of the confusing shit hits the fan. There's nothing going on here except a guy and his team reacting to problem after problem. His thoughts or narration boxes only slightly modify the panel. They don't add a new dimension or express any interior struggles. They wander the salt plains. Some enemy turns the salt to hydrochloric acid. I'm sure that was on Mythbusters seeing as how every other little science factoid the DC writers are using have been lifted from that show. Checking it out on the internet, I discover hydrochloric acid is made by combining salt with sulfuric acid. So the 'genius' plan (as Rock describes it) is that the enemy just sprayed Sulfuric Acid all over the ground to make hydrochloric acid? Or maybe the enemy has a Firestorm as well!

So after the acid, a truck comes out of nowhere to run over Rock who clings to it and throws a grenade under it and they end up in the salt lake. Rock pops up and gets lassoed around the neck. He's then dragged out to the feet of this guy:

Who cares?

The back-up story is just a little joke about military funding. I'm not sure if it's meant to be amusing or infuriating! Yet again, Men of War bites it big time! It drops two full ranks yet again for having a really crappy story that never needed to be told since the reader learns nothing about Rock and his company. And the back-up story was a joke that played like an episode of a sitcom where maybe one member of the regular cast appears but in a new situation that is obviously just a pilot for another show. Luckily, I only have four more issues of this helicopter crash of a comic to go!

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