Friday, March 16, 2012

Legion of Super-Heroes #1

I can't name anybody on this cover but I'm sure one of them is Somebody Lad and the other is Something Girl.

Let's see how many members of the Legion of Super Heroes we can be introduced to in this first 20 page issue!

#1. Chameleon Boy
A.K.A.: Reep Daggle
Homeworld: Durla
Abilities: Shapeshifting.

#2. Dragonwing
A.K.A.: Marya Pai
Homeworld: Earth
Abilities: Firebreath and Acid Venom

#3. Phantom Girl
A.K.A.: Tinya Wazzo
Homeworld: Bgztl
Abilities: Intangibility

#4. Ultra Boy
A.K.A: Jo Nah
Homeworld: Rimbor
Abilities: Able to use one power at a time--Ulra-vision, strength, speed, or invulnerability

#5. Chemical Kid
A.K.A.: Hadru Jamik
Homeworld: Phlon
Abilities: Catalyze chemical reactions

#6. Colossal Boy
A.K.A.: Gim Allon
Homeworld: Earth
Abilities: Giant growth

#7. Mon-El
A.K.A.: Lar Gand
Homeworld: Daxam
Abilities: Super-strength, speed, sense, flight and invulnerability

#8. Brainiac 5
A.K.A.: Querl Dox
Homeworld: Colu
Abilities: 12th Level Super-intelligence

#9. Cosmic Boy
A.K.A.: Rokk Krinn
Homeworld: Braal
Abilities: Magnetism manipulation

#10. Element Lad
A.K.A.: Jan Arrah
Homeworld: Trom
Abilities: Transmutation

#11. Comet Queen
A.K.A.: Grava
Homeworld: Extal Colony
Abilities: Space flight, comet gas extrusion (hee hee)

#12. Dream Girl
A.K.A.:Nura Nal
Homeworld: Naltor
Abilities: Precognition

#13. Glorith
Homeworld: Unknown
Abilities: Manipulate magical energies

#14. Harmonia
Homeworld: Earth
Abilities: Natural elemental

#15. Star Boy
A.K.A.: Thom Kallor
Homeworld: Xanthu
Abilities: Induce mass to increase weight

Fuck me! I was just kidding! After all the introductions are over, some of the Legionnaires are on a hostile planet facing off against a Daxamite (Daxamites are like mini-Supermen). And that's where this thing ends!

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