Saturday, March 31, 2012


The Biggest Crossover since Superboy/Teen Titans!

The title of this issue is "Occasionally Monsters Accidentally Crossover." That's pretty good! They could have also called it "Sharing Hero's Audience Doubles Earnings."

Frankenstein has been summoned to Checkmate's headquarters under Mt. Rushmore. Does Checkmate stand for anything? I hope not! It's apparently funded and run by the United Nations although I thought it was its own private organization. The Blackhawks are also covert and run by the United Nations. And SHADE must also be covert and run by the United Nations because they're Checkmate's sister squad. Maybe SHADE is just run by the Americans. I don't know! It's hard enough remembering lots of words that I can make SHADE stand for!

How can he know that?! Does he understand the meaning of the word 'covert'?

Frankenstein is off to catch OMAC and bring him in. And I guess Frankenstein's bolts are supposed to be on the side of his head. I guess they're keeping his skullcap on instead of his head. Checkmate tries to send the operatives with the silly names but Frankenstein doesn't want to work with a bunch of normal humans that have code-names like Castle and The Horsey and The Piece That Can Only Go Diagonally!

I smell lawsuit! Big green guy who knows how to smash? Yeah. Somebody should sue!

Frankenstein keys into OMAC's energy signature and drops out of the sky on Kevin. Kevin notices just in the nick of time to say the thing he says to turn into OMAC which I will not repeat! Omactually, maybe I can learn to Omaccept the phrase and type it: Omactivate. Yes. OMACTIVATE! So he says that and a big fight begins where buildings and cars are thrown about.

Property values in Metropolis must be atrocious. And insurance premiums outrageous!

A gigantic fight ensues with lots and lots of property damage. During the street brawl, Brother Eye and SHADE battle each other on a nanotechnical and informational level. Brother Eye ends up getting the better of SHADE and escaping the encounter with access to their files. And the street brawl ends when Brother Eye teleports OMAC away from the fight just as Frankenstein is about to put him down.

I'm sure losing an arm is no big deal to Frankenstein.

The fight ends with no real winner. Is that why it needs to continue in Frankenstein's comic? Kevin reappears back in the bathroom at Cadmus with a giant green arm attached to his wrist. What's he going to do with that? Flush it? And the issue ends with some mysterious Grand Director of Cadmus issuing orders to the scientists in the secret lab to finish up their project to defeat everything so that they can take control of something called the Genesis technology.

Yeah, I don't know where that came from. I guess they needed a new plot for next issue and wanted to get a jump on it.

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