Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stormwatch #2

Issue number two begins at the Big Bang where Adam One is created side by side with time and everything else.

Adam One's confusion with the language he's speaking is stolen from a Sperm Whale. Also, the Petunia's one thought was written by Judd Winick.

Perhaps the other voice speaking here is Merlin's since Merlin also ages backwards. Or it might just be a God's voice since Stormwatch beats up on things like that all the time.

Adam One is the leader but Engineer and Harry Tanner don't seem to think much of him. He's also Jenny Quantum's baby sitter. I also just remembered what happened to Jenny Sparks! She was the Spirit of the 20th Century while Jenny Quantum is the Spirit of the 21st Century. So little miss Sparks wasn't needed anymore. Um, I still don't quite remember what happened her. Maybe she turned normal to live out a normal life in the 21st Century. Or she was upcycled into Jenny Quantum!

As I was reading Issue #2, I recalled that Apollo recognized Martian Manhunter as having been in the Justice League. But Guy Gardner doesn't seem to remember Manhunter at all. But now that we've met Projectionist, it's not a big surprise. She's probably manipulated the media to remove Manhunter from existence. Perhaps Apollo recognizes him because they've allowed Apollo to remember him in the hopes it would get him to join the team.

Because Stormwatch is about to make all kinds of trouble on the moon, Projectionist manipulates the media so that other Super Heroes believe some other villain is causing the problems on the moon.

Oh geez. This just opens up a whole gigantic can of worms. Maybe I'll enjoy Justice League International more if I believe every mission they go on is a manipulation of facts by Projectionist! And the JLI are just going around beating up on innocent people!

Midnighter and Apollo still seem to be a bit on the fence about joining Stormwatch. Stop playing hard to get already! Everybody knows you're going to join! Just get it over with guys! They'll probably officially join after the big fight they're about to have since the Scourge of Worlds just rained down a bunch of super alien tentacle beasts in its attempt to strengthen Earth through Devastation!


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