Saturday, March 3, 2012

Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE #4

The most important word in the title of this issue is 'Conclusion'! Not because I want it to end but it is nice to have a storyline stop on the last issue I'm currently reading. I'll be moving on to I, Vampire after this so Franky #5 and #6 will have to wait a bit. The action starts out in the nerve center of SHADE--the Sugar High Adult Diabetes Examination.

The psychics are going crazy and screaming, "Help me!" over and over again (which is a message from the Monster Planet, not Earth like I said before. I think). Scientists and Humanids are running helter skelter, higgledy piggledy and the other ones! Scampering too! It seems the Monster Planet is alive and being sucked dry by the Monsters. So the planet probably resents being referred to as the Monster Planet. The monsters want Earth to suck dry next. So the Creature Commandos can't fail!

While Frankenstein and Nina Black Lagoon have no trouble in the ocean since all of the sea monsters think Nina is their mother, the others are a bit overwhelmed by the Ogres.

Then can't defeat this Ogre Army so Father Time and Ray Palmer reluctantly send in an untested war machine: the Toybox. When it lands on the planet, it releases a War Wheel and a G.I. Robot Squad. This looks like the kind of thing they should have sent in first!

This machine causes the Giant Ogre Titan to explode out of the ground! I don't know how they're going to kill this one because they've already done the get eaten and explode out of its belly routine. Although it does only have one eye, so I think it's time for the stab and/or shoot it in the eye and destroy its brain tactic!

The only problem with that plan is when the story cuts away to Frankenstein and Nina Lagoon, they use the sword in the eye tactic to kill the Sea Monster!

Getting back to Ogre Island, the plan of attack is to take out its eye (surprise!) but also to take out both of its kneecaps with the War Wheels! The Vampire flies the Werewolf up to drop it in the Titan's eye while making a Marvel joke.

After the monster is blinded and crippled, the G.I. Robot Squadron finishes it off. End of all the monsters! But they still have to get off the planet! They have just a few minutes to get through the Portal! Luckily, the Mummy has come around and he flies the Egg Transport to pick everyone up. They all get back in the nick of time! Yay!

This title is a lot of fun. It's the kind of book I would have really enjoyed finding as a kid. And I like that, so far, Frankenstein just kicks ass. He doesn't have to regroup. He doesn't get his ass kicked in the first issue so that he can come back against overwhelming odds to win. He just steps up and defeats the menace. Very good series.

So How About Dat Ending?

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