Thursday, March 22, 2012

Legion Lost #3

Red Rage is another human infected with the pathogen. Duh.

Issue #3 is narrated by Timber Wolf. Or Lone Wolf. This isn't a surprise because he's been full of anger throughout the last two comics and now this one is called Red Rage. Even now, he's thinking about being angry and how he would love to take it out on someone.

Their headquarters is a Westward Ho motel.

Let's reexamine the Time Bubble explosion from the first issue. After it exploded, Timber Wolf said that he could smell (or taste. Ew) the DNA of Gates and Chameleon Girl who disappeared in the disaster. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they're dead! Maybe just one ear was blown off or a thumb or perhaps they both simply lost all of their hair. My guess is that they gated away somewhere far away, with Alastor, and now can't get back to Red Lake Falls. Perhaps Gate was severely injured. Or maybe Alastor is keeping them hostage. Or maybe, since the explosion was in a Time Bubble, they just all ended up in another time. I'm pretty sure it's one of those things and that they're not actually dead.

Timber Wolf is not content to stay in the motel. The others have projects they can work on while inside but Timber Wolf wants to hunt. The others want him to stay put since they don't know if he's infected with the pathogen and if he'll infect others by leaving. But then they catch the local news.

Ghost #2 is found!

It looks like Timber Wolf has found something to do! Also, are these the only Legion of Super-hero heroes that don't have Lad or Girl or Boy tacked on to the end of their name? I think Chameleon Girl who was supposedly killed was the only one with a dumb Legion name. Maybe that means this comic book is more interesting!

"...we never have to try and catch it."

So! Earth does have the resources to track and notice new objects in orbit. And since they can locate something as small as a person that moves so fast that they're praying they never have o catch it, they should be noticing all of the other alien ships and capitalist fortresses hanging around in space as well. Maybe they just flag them all and put out a Super Hero Bulletin so any hero can deal with any possible problem.

Timber Wolf catches up to the new Hypersapien that is hunting and eating other Hypersapiens. He toys with the idea of just letting it go and taking care of their problem for them. That's a great idea! Just let it go around eating all of the infected people and then kill it. Bravo, Timber Wolf! Except, you know, he can't do that. He has to stop it.

What an amazing new power! Shooting off the tips of your fingers!

Timber Wolf realizes he's also been infected by the pathogen. I don't know what alien DNA he gets but it's some kind of alien that can shoot it's talons at high velocity and then regenerate them. There are some weird aliens in the DC Universe.

After Timber Wolf downs the creature with his super talons, it collapses to the ground and cowers. And then Chameleon Girl morphs out of the side of the creature. The creature has been eating other creatures with Durlan DNA in an attempt to bring Chameleon Girl back. Was she possessing the creature and making it kill so that she might live? Sounds a little messed up to me. What right does she have? What makes her more worthy of life than the poor, infected sons of bitches she's making this creature kill? And isn't that interfering a bit much with the past? I guess that interference thing has been let out of the bag at this point. Not much hope of getting out of this without having royally fucked up the previous time line. Maybe I can pretend that they screwed up the universe so badly that Legion of Super-heroes doesn't exist anymore! And then I won't have to read that comic! Yay!

That's it for that issue. Mediocre at best. No change in the rankings.

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