Thursday, March 15, 2012

Static Shock #1

I know nothing at all about this Super Hero.

Well, I like that on the very last page, he gets his arm cut off! I'm sure he has some sort of Static Electricity power that will reattach it. Like rubbing his arm on a cat and sticking it back on his shoulder. Other than that, I don't know about this book. Static (or Static Shock? He seems to call himself Static but the title page says, "Static Shock in...", so, um, I don't know!) is just another really smart kid who knows all sorts of physics stuff to help him take care of super villain problems. He sounds a bit like Mister Terrific in that he's spouting scientific hoodoo to explanaterize all of his crime fighterationing brainothoughts. He starts off simple with a little like charge repels like charge stuff to get everyone on the same page. "Oh, yeah! I know that works!" And then he goes on to making plasma chains out of ionized air particles and trying to disrupt electromagnetic fields with ball lightning. And he can see in the all the way into the ultraviolet spectrum! That's cool, right?!

If you were expecting pictures, you're not getting anymore for this entry. So if you hate reading and just want to see Static Shock, you should just Google Image Search 'Static Shock'.

Virgil Ovid Hawkins (that's his name!) is interning at Star Labs because he's so super smart. He also has one of those tech people who talk to him on a communicator and provide him with lots of cool gadgets. I don't know why. This guy must have discovered Static Shock and decided to use him for his own purposes while keeping him happy with gadgets and a secret hideout in the back of the Home Depot. The guy acts all nicety nice so he's probably really just a bad guy waiting to spring some manipulative evil world-conquering scheme on everyone. And Static will accidentally help out.

One thing I like about the comic is that Static Shock already has a cadre of super bad enemies after him. And one is a human piranha! And his code name is Piranha! Then one group seems to be some futuristic scooter crew with a big bad robot mascot named Virule. He's the one that shoots some Compact Discs at Static Shock which cut off one of his arms. The other people in the group just seem like corrupt city officials. They all want Static dead because Static ruined one of their capers where they were stealing technology from Star Labs. And then Static spoke with the thief before the Evil Cadre killed him so he wouldn't expose them. But they think they've been exposed already because he spoke to Static!

Also, something seems to be wrong with one of his sisters. But the comic didn't go into that much. It's just another reason he's interning at Star Labs. He's hoping they can find out more about whatever it is that's wrong with her.

That's really about all there is. There were some hints that he's not quite fitting in at school and he wants a driver's license but his dad won't let him get one. Hopefully they'll fit in a bunch of High School drama before the whole series ends on Issue #8. Yeah, this is another cancelled title. In fact, the last three Issue #1s I just read have all been cancelled!

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