Saturday, March 31, 2012

Animal Man #7

I'm waiting for the Origin of Animal Animal!

In the middle of this issue, Buddy Baker has a dream about the future.

In the future, Travel Foreman is not the artist.

The Earth is a bleak, fly-infested landscape covered with dust and littered with bones. This is a world taken over by the Rot because Buddy Baker did not protect his daughter. Maxine is here fighting the Rot as Animal Woman alongside Swamp Thing, an aging John Constantine, and her mother Ellen with a shotgun.

A mutant penis bites Maxine and gives her The Rot.

Maxine is infected with The Rot and, I guess, everything is lost. That's his dream. And that's the majority of the issue. Or maybe the shopping trip into town was the majority of the issue. Because after the dream, the Rotten Animals show up at the RV door and the issue ends.

Am I running out of commentary? Have my commenting wells run dry? I guess I just have to accept the fact that not every comic I read is going to be interesting (or bad) enough to comment on. Animal Man will definitely drop a spot in the ranking after this issue since the last two issues, while technically fine, did not really engage me or do anything new. Last issue an uninspired take on an old theme and this issue we get another uninspired take on the dreaming the future plot.

This issue seems really uninspired when it revolves around dreaming and it doesn't make me want to talk about dreams. I don't even want to relate the story about the time I dreamed the lottery numbers. I think trying to catch up to DC's current issues is just going to lead to me burning out. I blame the comics for not being interesting enough. Come on, comics! Get better!

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