Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hawk and Dove #4

The editors said, "Come on, Rob. At least give us three feet on the cover."

Look at that fist! LOOK AT IT! It is magical!

Hawk and Dove have Condor in police custody. This issue is called "The Interrogation" so I think they're going to be asking him questions. I wonder how they're going to get the fight scene in place? He'll probably slip in the word 'Condor' at some point so he can surprise them with his transformation. Maybe he'll get them talking about the Wizard of Oz and he'll say, "They really shouldn't pick on dorothy!" and WHAMMO! CONDOR! That'll surprise the bird poop out of them!

For some wacky reason, Condor won't tell them anything. Seriously! Who would have guessed? He was all Chatty Cathy in the White House during the big melee, telling them his name and why he was after them and mentioning the Circle! And now, nothing! What a jerk! So Hawk decides to threaten him for awhile. This will probably end with somebody missing an ear.

No, you don't play good cop, bad cop. You just lie and lie and threaten and lie and wear down and lie and lie and lie until you get a confession!

Since it's an interrogation comic, the fight scene comes as a flashback to Dove and Swan's fight in the white house. It turns out Dove isn't exactly the biggest peacenik in Peacetopia. Swan makes her angry and Dove wrings Swan's neck. Ha ha! But then Swan throws her knife at Dove and stabs Dove in the back! And there's a big flash of ligt and Swan seems to be consumed by Dove.

I think Swan was sucked into Dove's vagina.

What actually happened was Swan was somehow transferred to another plane of existence when Dove's body was pierced. She's now incorporeal and hanging around with Deadman. Maybe if Deadman would just break up with Dove already, he wouldn't be about to die.

This is actually a pretty nice looking panel. I think the Inker, Adelso Corona, is to thank for it.

Deadman is sucked away into yet a different layer of existence (I think. He disappears, anyway) and then there's a giant explosion as Science Terrorist Quirk's Monster of Mass Destruction blow a hole in the precinct's wall and escape with Old Man Condor.

And that's it for the interrogation. Hawk and Dove learn a little something about the Circle. It seems that there are multiple Avatars of War. Osprey may have been one of them. But even Condor and Swan don't understand exactly what Dove is. Except the bad writing makes them seem to understand what's going on with her as an Avatar of Peace becoming more violent hanging around with the Avatar of War. And then they don't know what she is at all later. And then they know exactly what will happen if they stab her with their magic sword. But they still don't get her. Or something.

Condor and Swan are free to find more War Avatars and suck their power and Deadman has gone missing. And I guess Science Terrorist Quirk and his MoMD are still on the loose. This was a decent issue with a more explanations about Hawk and Dove which keeps the story interesting. But then Hawk is downed with a single blast from a stunner gun so that Condor can get away while Dove fights Robot Zombies. So that's lazy writing. Just invent something to knock the super powerful Avatar of War out in one panel so that we can get Condor out the door.

I think Hawk & Dove can remain at their current ranking.

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